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Seattle Symphony In the News – April 17, 2015

SEATTLE SYMPHONY IN THE NEWS April 17, 2015 ANNOUNCEMENTS We recently launched a new, co-branded and co-curated KING FM Seattle Symphony Channel with a 24-hour streaming marathon on March 29 featuring live recordings from the recent Sibelius festival.  See reports of this on Seattle Vanguard and Memeteria by … Continue reading

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Native Lands Project Potlatch Symphony Performance

The Native Lands Project started with the desire to build cultural understanding and respect through music between the Seattle Symphony and tribal nations in the Puget Sound region. This jointly created composition between the Seattle Symphony and Native artists was … Continue reading

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Music May Not Be the Universal Language We Thought…

Often we hear the thought expressed that music is a universal language. While it is true that music in some form exists universally, different cultures can have very different perceptions of what music is and its role in life. I … Continue reading

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