Philosophy & Approach

Teaching Philosophy

CIMG1589Every child has a musical potential that can be brought out through supportive parents, a healthy environment and good teachers. Through development of musical talents children can improve their concentration, discipline, mathematical abilities and communicative and cooperative skills. Experience with music also helps growing persons to better appreciate the art they experience around them.

Wes believes in presenting these opportunities to young children, but is always watchful that the desire to play the violin comes from the child him- or herself and not from the parents alone.

For Wes, the goal of teaching music is not merely to have the student learn the skill of playing an instrument. Rather, it is to participate in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development of the individual human being that comes from the discipline of practicing and playing, which will remain with them throughout their lifetime. This is the real fruit of making music.

Teaching Approach

Esther Left Hand1Wes has developed an approach to teaching based on his training in violin pedagogy which uses principles for developing sound technical skills on the violin or viola. For beginners, reading musical notes is incorporated gradually so that the student can give appropriate attention to establishment of good form. He believes in motivating the musical interest of his students in order to gain an understanding that the goal of playing an instrument is not the physical act itself but rather the music that is created. His teaching style is very individual from student to student, depending upon their level, needs and personality.

Wes teaches both violin and viola, but encourages young children who are attracted to the viola to consider starting on the violin first in order to gain a stronger technical foundation before switching. If the attraction to the viola is strong, then allowing the student to learn on it will probably give them greater rewards, thus tending to cause a greater desire to continue.


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