Dyring Studio Policies

Invoicing and Payment

  • Lessons are invoiced by the month in advance and sent via email.
  • The amount due will depend upon the number of lessons in the month.
  • Payment for the month is due at the last lesson of the month prior.
  • Payments may be by check or cash, and should be made to “Wesley Dyring.”


  • Wes’ teaching days at Kennelly Keys are on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday.
  • Lesson schedules are established according to the mutual availability between Wes and the student.
  • When Wes’ schedule makes it necessary, the lesson schedule for a particular week may vary from the usual time.
  • If the proposed time in an invoice will not work, it is important to inform Wes immediately so other arrangements can be made.
  • When an agreed-upon lesson needs to be rescheduled, at least 24 hours advance notice must be given.

Missed Lessons

  • Makeup lessons may be given for missed lessons with at least 24 hours advance notice.
  • If no makeup option is available for a lesson missed with proper advance notice by the student or parent, a credit may be given for the following month.
  • No makeup or credit will be given for missed lessons without proper notice.

Illness and Emergencies

  • When the student is sick with an illness that is contagious, it is preferable to miss the lesson rather than risk passing on the illness to the teacher and thus others as well.
  • A makeup lesson or credit toward the following month will be given for lessons missed due to illness or legitimate emergencies.
  • If you will not be at a lesson due to illness or legitimate emergency, Wes must be notified in advance if at all possible by phone, text or email, in order to receive a makeup or lesson credit.


  • In the interest of courtesy, please refrain from chewing gum or wearing perfumes or colognes during lessons.


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